Clay-Vision: A Vlog not to miss!

Hello Saltburn and friends!

Today we share with you a fantastic Vlog we have been thankful to find.

Clay-Vision is a personal video blog(Vlog) run by Clayton Crowder-Oxford who recently moved to the area with his Husband Matthew.

It has been a difficult few years for Clayton due to health issues which he is thankfully now coming through the other end of. You can hear more about this in their Vlog video below.

We chatted with Clayton and found out some details about him and his life. In his own words:

“I’m from Coventry originally and moved to live with Mathew in Belper Derbyshire.

We loved it there but we are both sea babies at heart Mathew is ex-navy, and I’m ex-management in a mixture of roles and ex-professional performer.

We moved here(Skinningrove) as Mathew used to come to Saltburn on holiday with his family and it was his suggestion to come here, Saltburn isn’t an area I had heard of before coming to visit and I loved it as does Mathew.

We moved because we got everything we wanted.
A home with more space, minutes walk to the beach and moors and not far from pretty places such as Saltburn / Staithes / Guisborough / Whitby etc.

My original idea for the Vlog was a very different one it was set up as a Eurovision channel however I couldn’t keep up with the fast turnaround and demand that comes with Eurovision more so because I was due my last lot of surgery in December and I’m currently in remission, ( I’ve just finished editing a vlog on my change in the channel direction and a health update-see below video )

We filmed a vlog in Whitby and it did really well so together we decided to change up the channel, and focus on our overall hobbies and more so the local area that’s given us so much.”

(Clayton(right) and his Husband Matthew)

“We have always been made to feel welcome, we are a part of our local community, and we’re even in the local Bowls club which is great fun and gives a great sense of community.

Being from Coventry I can say unfortunately the North does get a bad rep for no reason and it’s unfairly judged.

Going forward I’d like Clay-Vision to focus on why we are a brilliant location, more so after Covid, it’s the ideal staycation and we should be able to celebrate it and showcase what we have on offer.

Going forward, Mathew and I, through Clay-Vision want to do just that and give back to the community that’s already given us so much.
Speaking as part of the LGBT community we have never once been made to feel unwelcome and whiles it’s 2023 we understand there will always be some who can’t allow us to just live and let live, and we’re not trying to change peoples minds about that, but since moving we haven’t had to worry about that everyone has been so encouraging and welcoming and accepting us for who we are.”

Clayton and his partner are a lovely couple who want to showcase all that is on offer in our local areas and we for one applauded this and will continue to do so. ClayVision will have a permanent home here on our blog and we will update you all on their wonderful adventures. You can also go to their YouTube channel and subscribe to their page!

We look forward to their next outing as I’m sure you will too and wish them all the best on their travels

Check out one of their latest posts below.

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