Payment and Refund Policy

The following payment and Refund Policies apply for any of our products or services on our website.

Audio Tours

Payment for Audio Tours is in full for either access of 24 hours or 6 months. In both cases, we don’t provide any refunds.


Our merchandise is created by an on-demand company and each item is individually produced to order. For this reason, we don’t give refunds unless the item is faulty and this is a manufacturer problem.


Each advertisement plan is valid for 12 months and auto-renews after this, if not cancelled within 30 days before renewal. There are no refunds given on any of the plans. With our third-party payment provide ( Paypal/Sumo) we allow instalment payments for the plans. If you fail to pay the instalments, we will take you off the website and won’t allow you to join back on – unless you would prove a reasonable excuse.

Online Shop:

We are showcasing and promoting local products, produce and items. However, we are not responsible for the pricing, availability, refund or payment policies and links to third-party Websites or Facebook pages. We can’t be made liable for any problems that arise with your purchase from these pages.

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