Hello and Welcome to Explore Saltburn!

Welcome to the Explore Saltburn blog. A space to share and find out what’s going on in and around Saltburn. To start it off i thought i should be the first to put a few words down.

First off, thanks for popping in. Take your time looking around each page as there are lots of tips, tours, information, links, pictures, merchandise, and much more to find.

It has been a long journey to get to the point that the site is at now and along the way there have been lows and highs. From massive technical breakdowns losing lots of content and research, slowing progress greatly. To letting out a sigh of relief when the months of research and recording were completed on the first of several audio tours. Every emotion has been felt, which only made this site so much the better for it. There is a huge amount of love gone into Explore Saltburn which I’m sure you will see as you take a look through the pages.

From the:

* Business directory

* Events calendar with all local goings-on

* brilliant Audio tours

* lots of useful local information

* Our Shop local page for ANY businesses to place their products with links to their shop

* Travel info & links

All you need to know when in town is at your fingertips and in one place.

Although everything has been looked at, sometimes mistakes get through. So if you see any please let us know and we will deal with them right away. Also, if you believe there is something missing from the site, send an email to the page at info@exploresaltburn.com where all ideas will be considered.

If you would like to put a blog post here, would like a product on the shop local page, or for any other information. Give us a message for details.

Thanks for reading, now go and explore!

Ross Richards 

( Founder of Explore Saltburn)

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