Why YOU should take up running!

Saltburn is the perfect place for exercise!

Be it going for a spot of surfing, swimming or paddle boarding in the North Sea, taking the dog for a walk along the beach, taking a historic audio tour of the town (which you can find here https://bit.ly/3ESxjhs) or having a run along the cliff tops, many tend to enjoy the latter quite a lot.

Running is great for the body. You’ll improve your cardiovascular health, can help you lose weight, you will work your muscles in all parts of the body, strengthen your bones, improves your athleticism, and release feel-good chemicals into your body helping with positive mental health. It is also a convenient and cheap exercise which opens it up to all ages and backgrounds to enjoy.

One run can change your day, many runs can change your life.

It is also great for all fitness levels as you can go at your own pace. A great technique for beginners is to start-stop, Running for a few minutes, walking for a few minutes, and jogging for a few minutes more, constantly swapping over. This will help your cardio and not put too much strain on your body when starting out. You can always up the minutes as your cardio strength increases.

So why not give it a go.

Take a look at this YouTube video by Bright Side called “I Was Running Everyday for a Month, See What Happened to My Body” below for more helpful tips and information..


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