“Your well-being must never become an afterthought. It must be your first act.”

 Rasheed Ogunlaru

Wellbeing in Saltburn

Here you can find a variety of Wellbeing Services that are available in and around Saltburn. For all those, who look for services and opportunities to take care of their body, mind, and spirit.

Taking care of your Body


Traditional acupuncture is a healthcare system based on ancient principles which tap into the body’s innate ability to heal itself. The human body is connected by numerous pathways or channels of energy ( known as meridians) which enables energy to flow. Any disruption to this flow can result in a dis-ease. An acupuncturist’s role is to stimulate the flow of Qi to restore flow & balance.


Acupuncture with Caroline

A gentle and relaxing treatment, many people seek acupuncture treatment for general wellbeing and/or the following conditions.

  • tension headaches & migraines
  • digestive disturbances
  • joint pain including lower back 
  • women’s health including irregular/painful periods & menopausal symptoms
  • stress & anxiety
  • more…

Caroline originally trained as a reflexologist 25 years ago and has been a practicing acupuncturist for 10 years (BSc Hons Traditional Acupuncture). For more info or to discuss whether  treatment is right fo you contact Caroline via:





Mobile: 07557 873033

Caroline Beevers Acupuncture

Beauty and more

There are plenty of opportunities that allow you to be and stay beautiful. A range of treatments and services will take care of bringing out the best of you. 

Amber Rooms in Spa Hotel

Amber Rooms

Beauty and Wellbeing Suite in The Spa Hotel Saltburn. Open 7 days/late evening openings. Specialising in Manicures, Pedicures, Waxing, Lashes, Facials, Massage.

Beauty Clinic in Milton Street

Chiropody and Beauty Clinic

Clinical approach to treatments with a nurturing touch. Let our podiatry and beauty experts transform you.

Chevaux Hair Salon


Hair Salon- Station Square Saltburn

Chris Wynn's Barbers in Windsor Road

Chris Wynn's Barbers

Local Barbershop that has been running in the heart of Saltburn since 1991. Monday to Thursday : 9 - 5 Friday : 9 - 7 Saturday : 8 - 12 Sunday : Closed

Jay and Co. Barbers in Woodrow Avenue

barbers saltburn

Traditional & Modern Styles

Jay 07803810786

Khal 07402042934

Rem 07463798775

 Appointments only.


A walk on the beach is really good for you.

Did you know?

You will get stronger and burn more calories because walking in sand requires 2.1 to 2.7 times more energy than walking on hard surfaces.

Activities like walking on the beach are highly restorative and give our mental health a boost, too

Get your daily dose of A good d vitamin D.  Spend some time at the beach during the day, and you’re bound to soak up some vitamin D.

Community Together

Saltburn Community Response

A page for community members to help and support each other with: Collecting shopping Providing help and support Getting involved in activities and supporting each other. If you're new to the area, want to make new friends, or are just inquisitive of the townspeople this is the perfect place with their local community events and discussions. It is also great to ask for help if needed, and to get to know the local community and beyond.

Complementary Therapies

Complementary therapies offer a different approach to conventional or mainstream medicine. They include yoga, meditation, acupuncture, massages, reflexology, energy medicine as well as natural remedies which are often used in homeopathy. They are usually used alongside, or as well as, conventional therapies. Complementary therapies are also often used to prevent illness to happen in the first place, this is called preventive medicine. Saltburn is a hotspot for many complementary therapies and offers a wide range of different treatments to you. 

Hands On in Leisure Center Saltburn

Louise Clark

Remedial Therapy, Reflexology, Sports Injuries, Relaxation

Louise Clarke ITEC Diploma


Saltburn Leisure Centre

Marske Mill Lane


Contact the Leisure center: 01287 625700

Contact Louise: 07775 610745

The Healing Cabin in Saltburn

The Healing Cabin

Welcome to The Healing Cabin based in the beautiful coastal town of Saltburn, North Yorkshire. I offer a range of holistic energy therapies including Reiki, Crystal Therapies and Crystal Reiki they promote well-being, stress reduction and relaxation


Dance Fitness with Susy


OUR MISSION: To offer classes and workshops in dance and singing for ages 5-18, to encourage and motivate students to discover their talents, build confidence and work together to produce professional quality productions for the community.

Healthy Eating & Weight Loss

Eating a healthy diet has a lot of positive effects on your overall well-being. Science has proofed that changing your diet can help with weight loss, prevent early aging, and can reduce cancer risk. Furthermore, it will improve your mood, boost your energy and assist in maintaining a healthy heart. While it is not only the amount or what we eat but also the quality of food we take in. Our online shop can connect you with local sellers who produce food and other healthy treats. Check out our online shop here.

Saltburn Vegan & Vegetarian

We are a group of Veg*ans living in Saltburn, meeting socially once or twice a month. We welcome non-meat-eaters and those interested in learning more about a meat-free lifestyle.

You can join their Facebook Group here.

Ethical organic veg. Delivered.

Proper farmers with mud on our boots, we’ve been growing organic produce for over 30 years. Unashamedly nerdy about veg, we always choose the tastiest varieties – and never spray your food with artificial nasties. Caring for the soil and wildlife on our land, as well as the other growers and makers in our community, is at the heart of everything we do.

Our mission is to provide you with the best of the season. Spuds like your grandad used to grow, the crunchiest cauliflower and the carrotiest carrots, all delivered to your doorstep with minimal fuss and unbeatable quality. And better yet, it’s all 100% organic.

Organic Vegetable Box from Riverford


We are real farmers! Organic, ethically-produced seasonal veg, fruit and more. Delivered directly to your doorstep. 100% sustainable and organic food.

Lose weight with Slimming World

Who doesn’t want to lose weight? And how many of us have failed with many attempts. Don’t give up just yet – the people from Slimming World are here to help you! Losing weight has never been so much easy and fun!

Slimming World Saltburn

Stevies Slimming World

Weight loss support for those who don't want to go hungry or be bored whilst eating normal meals. No faddy foods or shopping in specialist shops.


Life can get unexpected difficult and each one of us can experience a crisis at least once in our lifetime. Good to know that there are great people here in Saltburn who will make sure that no one has to go hungry. The Foodbank of Saltburn is here to help you just need to ask.

Saltburn Solidary Foodbank

We’re a collective of Saltburn residents who have come together to help those people in our community who are struggling to buy food for themselves and their children.

 You can email them: saltburnsolidarityfoodbank@gmail.com

You can contact the Foodbank via 

Saltburn Solidary Foodbank

Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing originated in Japan and is also known as shinrin yoku. 

While many people understand the benefits of being outdoors the underlying idea of forest bathing holds elements of Mindfulness.

While we walk or sit in the forest we consciously become aware of our surroundings. By using all of our five senses we observe what is happening around us.

This daily practice has proven to reduce stress, improve feelings of happiness and free up creativity, as well as lower heart rate and blood pressure, boost the immune system and accelerate recovery from illness.

Especially in these rather challenging times, spending time in the woods, forests of this world can give us a sense of connection and peace. 

We have the opportunity to deeply connect with our roots as human beings and allow nature once again to heal and restore our energy. Not to mention how powerful such an oxygen shower can be.



Things to do in Saltburn

Chi You Workshops & Events

Chi Yu

Chi-Yu is the Japanese word for healing. There are many different types of healing, many of which connect to each other in some way. Many of our workshops and courses are designed to provide you with a wide-ranging variety of alternative healing techniques for yourself and your loved ones. The methods you will learn have been carefully chosen to reflect the stressful and sometimes, bewildering times we live in and will provide a calming and peaceful experience.
Terry Doyle Saltburn

Terry Doyle

Tai Chi and Mindfulness in Saltburn Earthbeat Centre and Senses Wellbeing Centre in Skelton.

Take a walk on the lower path

A daily walk will not only increase your heart and lung fitness but also help you to improve your balance and give you stronger bones. If this walk is then also set in the beautiful scenery in which you can enjoy what you see – the effects will double. Furthermore, it will make your spirit sing.

Enjoy the beauty of Flowers

Between May – October you can take in the amazing variety of the lower path flower bloom.  You can find the lower path at the bottom of Coral Street near Saltburn house. Run by volunteers this path has changed and grown over the years. 

Reflecting the astonishing beauty that Saltburn has to offer and the love the residents of Saltburn put into their favourite place to live.

Spending time with flowers is good for your body mind and spirit.

Its been said that Flowers and ornamental plants increase levels of positive energy and help people feel secure and relaxed.

About us image

The Wellbeing Centre

Here at The WellBeing Centre we believe that health & well-being are crucial components of a happy life.

Often the pressures of daily life mean that time is short and our health and well-being are often neglected or even taken for granted.

It’s only when things start to go wrong that people look for solutions. Here at The Wellbeing Centre, there are a whole host of services and activities to enhance your well-being from Counselling when life becomes overwhelming, to Meditation and Yoga exercise.

Walking for Health

Meeting at Saltburn Market square (square behind Cheveux hairdressers) 

Fairly easy walks though maybe some moderate – strenuous inclines(Group splits 2 or 3 varied levels of ability) 

Walk routes include beach – promenade and pier, Valley Gardens, woods, town estates.

Approx 1 hour.

It Starts 10:30 am every Wednesday from Saltburn Market Square. 

The Health Improvement Team
01287 612464


Walking for Health Saltburn


Reily S H Optometrists

Stephen Reily

Quality Optician in Saltburn, Milton Street. Appointment required · Mask required · Staff wear masks · Safety dividers at checkout
Reily Optician Saltburn

Train with a personal Trainer

To work with a personal trainer has many benefits no matter if you are just starting out with an exercise program or you aren’t seeing results with your current routine.  

People have different reasons why they decide to work with a personal trainer, some want to develop an individualized program to support weight loss goals. Others want to get in shape or simply enjoy the extra motivation and expertise a personal trainer has to offer.

Whatever your reason, we have some real great folks here in and around Saltburn to help you to get fit and healthy. 

B.E.C Wellness & Personal Trainer

B.E.C Personal Training

Hi, my names Beccie and I am a qualified Health and Fitness professional & Personal Trainer. Having recently decided to create more of a work life balance and leave a 16-year senior managerial position in leisure, Im ready to invest my expertise into you

Nathan Cowey's Fitness

Nathan Cowey's Fitness

1-1 PT sessions Group sessions Exercise classes Gym cards

Yoga and more

Yoga is an amazing opportunity to improve over all physical, mental and emotional health. Here in Saltburn we have a few Yoga teachers and all of them offer different types of stretches, bends, breathwork, and exercises to get you right back on track. Yoga is suitable for all ages and can even be done during pregnancy with the right instructor.

Why not have a look and see which Yoga teacher suits you best?

Wild River Yoga

wild river yoga
“Yoga is a light, which once lit will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter your flame.” — B.K.S. Iyengar

Wild River Yoga

Hello, my name is Judith and I run Wild River Yoga. Come along and join one of my sessions as I teach you yoga from my heart to yours. Yoga can help many aspects of your daily life including relaxation and controlling your emotions, physical strength and wellbeing, and much more. Private sessions are also available by appointment.

Yoga, Meditation & Therapy space- Saltburn

lesley wood

Yoga, Meditation & Therapy space

Offering children's yoga, outdoor yoga, chanting & kirtan as well as breathing and relax sessions at the Earthbeat Centre. For up to date information on all that we offer in our Well-being Room and our Yoga Room view our website where you can see our live timetable, book a session and sign up to our free monthly newsletter.

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We offer flexible and affordable advertisement plans for anyone who would like to promote their business or services.

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No matter where you are or what you offer – our friendly team is here to help you.


Boots Pharmacy

9/11 Station Street, Saltburn By The Sea, TS12 1AE

Phone: 01287 622820 Web: www.boots.com

Opening Times:
Mon8:30am – 6pm
Tue8:30am – 6pm
Wed8:30am – 6pm
Thu8:30am – 6pm
Fri8:30am – 6pm
Sat8:30am – 5pm

6 Station St, Saltburn-by-the-Sea TS12 1AE

Saltburn Pharmacy

Saltburn Pharmacy

Pharmacy Services

Opening Times:

Mon – Fri: 8:30am – 6pm 

Saturday: 9:00am – 5pm

Sunday:  12am – 6pm

  • (NHS): Alcohol screening and intervention service
  • (NHS): Chlamydia screening and treatment
  • (NHS): Condom supply
  • (NHS): Emergency contraception
  • (NHS): Medication review services
  • (NHS): Supervised consumption of medicines
  • (Non-NHS): Blood pressure monitoring appointment
  • Appointment booking for consultations not required

Taking care of your Mind

Life can be challenging sometimes and very unpredictable don’t you think? Some of these things can be overwhelming such as losing a loved one, break up from a relationship, going through a divorce, or troubles at work. It can even go so far that we totally lose the ground beneath our feet and don’t know what to do anymore. Yes, we all feel like this sometimes. Luckily there are other people who understand how to deal with life when it gets tricky and they are here to help you.

There are plenty of opportunities and services that can make a real difference to your mental and overall health.

Here in Saltburn, no one needs to suffer alone – they are here to help! No matter what.


Counselling in Earthbeat Centre

Dahlian Kirby

Face to face counselling Saltburn by-the-sea and by Zoom/phone

Do some Gardening

Saltburn Allotment Association

Gardening can help with a lot of modern ailments such as improving your memory and building strength. Furthermore it can boost your mood and reduces stress. It also fosters human connections. Why not applying for your very own allotment?

Charities and Free Services

Mental Health & Learning Disability Services by the NHS

Providing mental health and learning disability services in County Durham, the Tees Valley, York and North Yorkshire.

We have five operational directorates, one for each of our localities (County Durham and Darlington, Teesside, North Yorkshire, Vale of York) and a separate forensic directorate.

Within each of the three local areas we have four clinical directorates:

  • adult mental health and substance misuse services
  • mental health services for older people
  • children and young people’s services
  • learning disability services

For more information check out the NHS 

NHS mental Health Service
Doorways Saltburn

Doorways Saltburn

The DoorWays Youth project supports young people aged 13 to 25 living in and around Saltburn. Our aim is to equip young people who have complex social and emotional difficulties, with the skills and confidence to improve their life chances and fulfill their potential.

You can call/what’s app them here.

More information is also available here:

TeesstrHive Saltburn

TeesstrHive CIC will focus on offering support to young people and families in Teesside, using mentoring tools, outreach, groups, and community links.

You can email them to: strhivejh@gmail.com 


Redcar Cleveland Mind

We are a mental health voluntary organization affiliated with Mind (National Association for Mental Health).

If you need support then please contact us on 01642 296052 or email info@rcmind.org

Please do not contact us through our

Impact on Teeside

We provide life-changing support and services to those struggling with depression, stress, anxiety, and other mental and emotional issues.

Talking Therapies: If you are struggling with your mental health and finding it hard to cope, then we are here to help you.

Long-term health conditions: Living with a long-term health condition is often physically and mentally demanding. Many people find they feel stressed, anxious, and depressed. 

Counseling: Counseling is all about listening to you and then helping you to find ways to deal with your emotional issues.

More information can be found on their 

Impact on Teeside

Take the dog for a walk

Many studies have shown that when dogs and humans interact in a positive way (for example, stroking, playing, and hugging) both exhibit a surge in the hormone Oxytocin. This is especially when we create an emotional bond with our dogs during a walk can be so important in tackling mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and stress.

Saltburn holds over 5 miles of sandy beach leading all the way to Marske-by-the-sea. A great opportunity to blow off these mental cobwebs and bonding with one of the greatest beings here on earth – your dog.

shady baby

1. You’re likely to be more active

People who own dogs are more likely to be 6 times more active than non-dog owners.

2. Relax and de-stress

Going for a walk on a regular basis has been proven to reduce stress and release the chemical endorphin. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine. 

3. Mutual motivation

You and your best friend are able to motivate each other. Ever experienced the fun to be chased by your own dog?

4. Social connection

Dogs are pack animals and so are humans too. Moreover, dogs provide an important anchor of social connection especially for people with social anxiety and panic disorder. You will never be alone again.

5. Practise mindfulness

Please be mindful and clean up after your four-legged bundle of happiness.  🙂

Try Hypnotherapy - See how your life can change

Hypnotherapy is a type of complementary medicine that utilizes hypnosis to help in the treatment of different specific symptoms or conditions. Sometimes used as part of a treatment plan for phobias and other anxiety disorders.  It is also well-known for pain management, weight loss, smoking cessation, and a variety of other applications.

Paula Thomas - Hypnotherapy

Training, qualifications & experience

Trained and Qualified at the Leeds Hypnotherapy Academy

Registered as a Practitioner with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council

Registered with CHNC – Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council


Paula Thomas

My name is Paula Thomas and I am a Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Whether you're looking for help with anxiety, stress, fears or phobias, in fact any type of behaviour that is not beneficial to your life, then Hypnotherapy may be able to help. I can guide you through a state of hypnosis induced relaxation to help you take back control and make the positive changes that you want to see in your life.

Astrology and more...

There are those nights when the Full moon slowly rises above Huntcliff, her reflection shimmers softly on the surface of the ocean. The ebb and flow are determined by her power, and the human soul is touched by her movement too.

Astrology is the study of the influence of stars and planets, their movements, and their influence on human lives. The position of the sun, stars, moon, and planets at the time of people’s birth is said to shape their character, affect their relationships and predict their economic fortunes, among other divinations.

Here in Saltburn, we love a bit of stargazing, mystery and truly believe there is so much more than the eyes can see. 

Get an Astrology Tarot Reading

A jam-packed and intense private Reading for immediate guidance. Your Astro Energy Reading will be recorded and send to you via email directly to your inbox.

An Astrology Tarot Reading is a great way to receive guidance and insights into energies that are affecting your life right now. Full of practical advice on how to move forward. You don’t need to know about astrology as everything will be explained to you in the Reading.

Read More
Had an amazing acurate Reading and spookily it even mentioned a conversation I had the night before with a friend! I would highly recommend anyone to have a reading, excellent advice to move forward
Read More
Really pleased with my Reading , very accurate and insightful with what is going on in my life right now. I really enjoyed receiving my Reading in an Audio format which allowed me to listen to it more than once.
Read More
I recently had a distance Reading with Mehal Mahipal, I was apprehensive on how good a connection could be made remotely but I was very impressed by the spot on information and advice given. I definitely be interested in future readings.

Discover your own Psychic Potential

Do you think you have psychic potential? What about developing your own psychic abilities?


How to Unlock your Psychic Potential Self Study Course

An opportunity to learn from an internationally known teacher – while staying in the comfort of your own home.

Our courses are designed with one aim in mind – to provide you with a thorough and comprehensive spiritual education.

The Self Study Course is for all those who wish to deepen their knowledge in psychic studies and build confidence in their own abilities. Our step-by-step approach will allow you to study independently at your own pace and time.

This way it can fit in with your own busy schedule and you can learn to trust your own inner rhythm.

Get a message from a deceased loved one

A medium is a person who focuses on mediating back and forth communication between the bereaved and a deceased person. By channeling the spirits of the deceased, a medium can give important information, which helps to provide closure to clients in need of mental, emotional, or even spiritual healing. Such Spiritualist Mediums can often be found working in Spiritualist Churches where they give messages to the bereaved.

Saltburn Spiritualist Church

Spiritualist Church in Saltburn

Hi everyone, at Saltburn Spiritualist Church you will always receive a warm and loving welcome held at Toch H in Saltburn every Monday and Saturday at 7 pm.

Spiritualism is a religious movement based on the belief that the spirits of the dead exist and have both the ability and the inclination to communicate with the living. The afterlife, or the “spirit world”, is seen by spiritualists, not as a static place, but as one in which spirits continue to evolve.

Find more information on their 

Hold a conversation with God

Recent studies have shown that attending church on a weekly basis can be beneficial to your health. Though the most obvious are of spiritual and psychological nature, however, the physical and mental benefits are in abundance as well.

  • Church Connects Us with God. …
  • Church Gives Us a Chance to Reflect on Gratitude. …
  • Church Connects Us Socially. …
  • Church Helps Us Better Connect with our Spouse. …
  • Church Allows Us to Feel Reverence. …
  • Church Provides Plenty of Opportunities to Give Back.
Emmanuel Church Saltburn

Emmanuel Church in Windsor Road

We are a friendly and welcoming community that lives and works in the heart of beautiful Saltburn-by-the-Sea.

Our church is our people – whether they are residents or visitors to the town. Together we celebrate God’s love and truth through service and worship.


Find out more about Emmanuel Church and its lovely people by visiting their 

Methodist Church in Milton Street

Methodists have been worshipping God in Saltburn-by-the-Sea since 1850.  We exist to worship and serve God and make His love known in the world.

Visitors are always welcome to our church community and can expect traditional-style services with a Sunday School catering for children aged 3yrs and upwards in the morning.

Check out their 

Methodist church
Our Lady of Lourdes Saltburn

Our Lady of Lourdes in Milton Street

Catholic Masses and Service Times are likely to be different to the normal times due to the Coronavirus. Churches are now open at certain times and Masses are taking place – but please check with the parish to find out if the times have changed. Many Parishes are only providing Confessions by appointment. This should not be seen as an obstacle to anyone, it is just a way to ensure your health and safety. So please contact the parish to arrange to go to confession or to check any of the times. We will get through this and things will return to normal!

Milton Street, Saltburn by Sea TS12 1DE
Phone: 01287 623619

Evangelical Church in Leven Street

Everyone is welcome!

Whoever you are: young, old, visitor, local, regular worshipper or just curious – come and see!

We are a  small, friendly church, people of all types and backgrounds.

At the present, there is a morning service at 11 am and an evening service at 6 pm. Both services take place in the church building and can also be joined on “Zoom”.

For links to morning and evening room” services please contact them

Spiritual Healing

‘A treatment that involves the transfer of energy through the healer to the recipient. It promotes self-healing by relaxing the body, releasing
tensions, and strengthening the body’s own immune system. Healing is natural and non-invasive with the intention of bringing the recipient into a state of balance and wellbeing on all levels’

(NFSH Healing Trust)

Soul Triage Quantum Healing

Spiritual healing or energy healing is a non-physical and invisible universal energy that vibrates at a level higher than personal energy. Here by personal energy I mean the energy which is purely individual and unique for everyone. Energy healing does not work like physical medicines. It is administered by just simple laying on hands or just above the body and can be used alone and also alongside regular medical treatment whatever that might be.

Meditation is good for you

There is a lot of good reason why meditation is a powerful tool to improve our well-being. It can help to ease anxiety, nervous tension, overthinking as well as improve relaxation.  Meditation can be done while sitting or laying down, choose what is best for you. If you feel that you have a lot of energy you might want to do some exercise or Yoga first before doing meditation. 

Listen to a Free Meditation

The Empath Body Scan Meditation will help you to become aware of energies that you have taken on from others and how to release them. 

While the Metta Meditation is a powerful Buddhist practice to enhance Self-love and compassion.

The sacred Ritual is for all those who would like to Unlock the Psychic Potential and bring more magic into their lives.

With this “FREE” Download you will get:

  • Sacred Ritual to Unlock your Psychic Potential (pdf)
  • Empath Body Scan Meditation 60min. (mp3)
  • Metta Meditation 40min. (mp3)

FREE Meditation & Sacred Ritual

Immediate download to any of your devices.

Visit a Fortune Teller

World famous Zoltar in the Amusements

The future is uncertain!

This is what many people believe to be true. Not so our local Fortune Teller Zoltar whose knowledge goes far beyond the normal human understanding. Once you give him what he asks for he will take a  look into your future and tell you some secrets about the time to come.

He will tell you stories from the deep well of his experience, using his ability to see through space and time. Paired with his strong sense of integrity and honesty he would never lead you astray.

And if you are patient enough, he will share his words of wisdom and your lucky numbers too. 

Go, try it out for yourself, and see what the great Zoltar has to say to you today!

“If we throw judgments out, that is exactly what will return to us. What we give is exactly what we will receive. It doesn’t matter if we throw out good or bad. It all comes back. It is a spiritual law.”

Author: Sandra M. Michelle

Zotar in Saltburn by the sea

Walk the Cleveland Way

Experience the varied landscape of the North York Moors National Park on a journey across breathtaking heather moorland and dramatic coastline.

The Cleveland Way National Trail is a 109 mile (175 km) walking route through beautiful and ever-changing landscapes and scenery. Officially opened on 24th May 1969, it was the second recognised National Trail in England and Wales.

Starting from the attractive market town of Helmsley, the Cleveland Way heads across the inspirational, and breathtaking heather moorland of the North York Moors National Park, before reaching the coast at Saltburn-by-the-Sea. From here it’s a visual feast along the North Yorkshire coastline to Filey, passing old fishing villages and lively coastal towns.

The National Trail runs through the famous smuggler’s village of Robin Hood’s Bay and the popular seaside resorts of Scarborough and Whitby – one of England’s best coastal towns and home to Whitby Abbey, the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

There are Route Descriptions please have a look at the National Trail 

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