The Cut Back- a better way to shop.

Written by Ross Richards

I love to walk around Saltburn and nip into a few of the local shops. Have a snoop around and see if there’s anything I like. One such occasion I had was on the last Farmer’s Market. Safe to say I had a great time eating lots of lovely bits, speaking with stallholders and taking photos. A lovely day out which I will go into in another post. For now, I want to speak about one of the brilliant shops my partner and I popped into on the way home.

I’d been wanting to go in for a while(she’d beaten me to it already) so took the opportunity and glad I did. 

We spoke with the lovely owner of The Cut Back, Tracy Reeve, about the wonderful products she has in store and her aims for her refill shop and Eco-hub. She hopes to help reduce the use of plastics by offering alternatives and help locals on their sustainable journey. She wanted to and has created a place where people could shop without excess packaging that hurts our planet less. The shop has donated jars and containers available which can be used in-store to fill up on whatever you need. There are many Eco-friendly, sustainably made products from toilet rolls, tampons, brushes, gift wrap and toothbrushes, hair wax, zero waste razors; huge varieties of flour and unbelievably smelling spices. Even the tastiest of snacks such as the many varieties of nuts (Tandoori Nuts or the chocolate covered nuts, my favourite), to weigh up, bag up, and take away to enjoy. Which we did. That’s not all that goes on at The Cut Back either. Fresh eggs are on offer, as well as newly picked tasty apples all locally sourced. 

The Cut Back even run events from time to time such as the panel stitching, knitting, and crocheting for the record-breaking 1.5mile long scarf, to be exhibited at the upcoming climate change ceremony this Autumn. This will run for the next 2 Thursday’s from 5-7 pm and is FREE so get yourselves along and have fun. 

They also share important information on the never-ending issue of rubbish, serious local environmental issues, as well as ideas on how we can all do our bit to help ourselves, the area and our local communities, and move forward in a cleaner, happier world. If only there were more people like Tracy in the world!

If you want to know more about how to do your bit to help the world, take a look at their Facebook page at (1) The Cut Back | Facebook or contact them at for more information. Take a look at our slide show of pictures from my visit and see some of the amazing items they have just waiting for you.

If you would like a blog post about your local business feel free to contact us to discuss.

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Take a look at the shop in our slideshow and when in town, pop along in person! Please wear your mask and use sanitizer provided. Thank you.

You can find The Cut Back right here!

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