Saltburn Mosaics

Saltburn-Mosaics – A community project

The great work of restoring the fabulous Saltburn- Mosaics is still under way!

Many volunteers are helping to place the pieces onto boards as the Saltburn-Mosaics have been beside Sainsbury’s. With help from Helen Jane Gaunt and Derek Mosey, the push behind restoring these fabulous pieces of art. They were water damaged in 2021 as storms ravaged the town. Additionally the Saltburn-Mosaics were vandalised on one occasion, which is now being put to rights.

We made it a family occasion this weekend when myself and my partner invited my Mum and her Mum, Brother and his partner who were visiting from Germany. We had a fab time putting the Saltburn- Mosaics together and made some very special memories.

You can have a go at rebuilding Saltburn-Mosaics yourself most Saturdays between 10am-12pm between the train station and Sainsbury’s. One of the finished panels will be unveiled this July so keep on checking out our website and Facebook pages for more details and other great pictures and content.

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