Saltburn is rich in history,

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History in Saltburn

From the small hamlet it began with, dating back to the 15th Century. To the wonderful Victorian town it grew into. Saltburn by the Sea has a vast and rich history for such a young town.

It’s had links to smugglers, beach racing, bombing raids, royal visits and much more. 


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Saltburn Historic - Audio/Video Tour

What people say about Saltburn's Historic Video Tour:

Watch the Full Length Video - Audio Tour

Saltburn History Audio video Tour

Explore Saltburn’s

“Saltburn Historic” Video Audio Tour

Explore Saltburns rich history with pictures and stunning facts that you have never seen before. Step back in time and discover from the early humble beginning’s when Saxons settled in the area to the “first” telephone call that was made at Balmoral Terrace. Follow the trail of the history of only North East Coast Pier all the way to Motor Races on the beach.

What else will you discover?

A fun and exciting documentary to watch with all of the family. 

Full length Playtime of 57min.

Stream immediate on any of your devices. 

Public Screening of Saltburn's Historic Video Tour

Come and join us for an evening full of entertainment, Live Music, Victorian Ushers at the Saltburn Community Theatre.

Saltburn History Tour Public Screening

Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st of August 2022.

Doors open at 7pm

Screening starts at 7.30pm

Tickets on Sale now


A night to remember for both Young and Old.

Coming soon

"Heart in the Art"

You can listen to this audio tour on any of your devices.

Explore Saltburn’s

inspiring Art Trail

A large variety of artists have many pieces placed  outdoors through the years for everyone’s enjoyment.

Join us as we take you around several of these points and share some great information on the art, and their creators.

Move from point to point and find some fabulous pieces of art in and around town.

Some are further than others so get your walking shoes on. Alternatively, if you prefer to save your feet you can just listen to the tour and view the great pictures we have brought together for you.

Lots to explore so begin now!

Spooktacular - Audio Tour

"True tales of haunted Saltburn "

You can listen to this audio tour on any of your devices.

Explore Saltburn’s

“Spooktacular paranormal experience”

Join RbR Paranormal Investigations lead investigator as he takes you around town. Sharing tales told by locals of hair raising experiences.

You will be taken around several areas of town where purported strange activity have taken place through the years. Such as objects moving of their own accord, strange growls in the dark of night, and unexplainable lights in the sky above the sea.

You will also be learning information on tools used nowadays and in days gone by, and how different it is investigating today.

Learn some history of the paranormal, the scariest cases which resemble activity in town, and what to look out for if you think your home is haunted.

Will you dare to walk the haunted tour?!?!?!

Find more Saltburn history!

If you would like to find out more about our wonderful seaside towns rich past, there are many great sources to check out.

A personal thank you to Saltburn OneFifty Plus and Cath & Tony Lynn for their help in my research, and the several other people I spoke with briefly while putting together the tour.

Without you, it would have not been as informative and accurate as it is.

Saltburn-by-the-Sea Revisited: Cath & Tony Lynn

(Back cover)

Saltburn by the Sea was founded as a new Victorian town by entrepreneur Henry Pease, who’s family was involved in the founding of the Stockton and Darlington Railway and creating a port in Middlesbrough. He is said to have had a vision of a “heavenly city” and set about the building of Saltburn soon afterwards. The family name lives on today, clearly imprinted on the bricks used to construct many of the early houses in the town.

This book of over 200 old images illustrates aspects of daily life in Saltburn over the 20th Century but dwells particularly of the last few decades using photographs taken by the authors themselves. They have been recording events and people in the town since 1950 and this section is only a small part of their huge archive of photographs. There can hardly been an event or happening in recent years that has not been recorded by them for posterity!

This book will appeal to all who have lived, worked, or played in this town with the famous pier.

Saltburn OneFifty Plus

Saltburn OneFifty Plus

Saltburn OneFiftyPlus is a social media, local history archive. It brings together photography, film, video and oral history in an attempt to fill in knowledge gaps about the town's past. Members are encouraged to interact with the media displayed in the many albums and add their memories and perspective aswell as any archive material they may have themselves. All I ask is that you encourage others to join rather than sharing the material with non-members. If you do not agree with this concept then this site is not for you.

Other books to look out for!

The History of Saltburn by Chris Scott Wilson

Saltburn by the Sea by Jean Wiggins

The visitor’s Hand-Book to Redcar, Coatham, and Saltburn-By-The-Sea by George Markham Tweddell

Redcar, Marske, & Saltburn Through Time by Paul Chrystal

Saltburn by the Sea: A Town in Time by Jim Wingham


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