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Treasure Trail Saltburn


  • A Spy Mission themed walking Treasure Trail around Saltburn
  • Ideal for discovering more about where you live or exploring somewhere new
  • Trails are done in your own time at your own pace
  • This Trail is approximately 2 miles long and takes 2+ hours to complete
  • This Trail is suitable for all ages from 6 – 106 (no children necessary!)
  • One Trail booklet is enough for 4-5 people
  • Chance to win some real Treasure! All correct answers are entered into the monthly £100 prize draw
  • Circular loop Trail
  • Free mobile phone text service for clue answers if you get stuck, ensuring that no mystery goes unsolved
  • This Trail can be sent to you in the post or downloaded today for instant Trailing fun!



The route follows pavements and paths with a few steep sections along the way which may not be suitable for all wheelchair users. At the end, you can choose to use a series of steps down the cliff or to take the cliff lift.

The route is step-free provided that the Cliff Lift is running to return down to the seafront at the end of the Trail.

For completely step-free access, you may need to send someone down to the car to pick you up at the top and take you down to the seafront to solve the final Clues.

This Trail is dog-friendly with the opportunity to have a good run around on the beach at the end. Please check signs for which areas of the beach dogs are allowed on.

There are public toilets at the start and finish of the Trail route and plenty of refreshment opportunities in the town towards the middle section of the Trail.

Treasure Trails – Our Vision

Every company has to have a vision, but it always makes us laugh when we read companies’ visions and don’t actually understand what they mean because of all the fancy big words! Our vision is to keep on writing and producing fantastic Treasure Trails which showcase all areas of the UK in a different light, and not just the main tourist pullers, but those areas people don’t often go to. And of course, we want the whole of the UK to be spending their weekends out on a Trail, away from computer screens, having great fun in the fresh air. We’re no Jamie Oliver, but we do hope to make some positive change to people’s lives.




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