Emotion Code Healing Session with Soul Triage


Are you someone who is always feeling sick, but are never able to find out why?
Have you spent hundreds of hours at the doctor’s surgery but no matter how many ultrasounds and blood tests you have?  You still cannot determine the root cause of your symptoms or recommend the right kind of treatments.
This could be due to the fact you have an energetic imbalance. Trapped emotions and trauma can cause energetic imbalances which on a physical level won’t be addressed until the issue needs medication.
Using energy medicine and the most cutting-edge energy healing techniques, I am combining holistic therapies with science. I maybe able to remove the blockages and balance your energy body, which could help you to live a more fulfilling life.

“Your relaxation, well being and healing are my life passions. I have a home studio that is completely geared to ensure you enjoy the whole holistic experience.” – Kerry from Soul Triage


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