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How to use the Tees Flex bus in Saltburn and save money on your local bus journey

Not long ago, Redcar and Cleveland Council introduced a new bus to the Saltburn area. The Tees Flex bus is an “on demand” bus for residents of Saltburn. This ideas was to cover areas that have a tendency to be hard to reach via public transport and therefore can isolate people.

In this blog post, I want to introduce you to the few easy steps to set up your account and start using Tees Flex Bus services immediately.

This is a fantastic opportunity for an affordable bus journey to any destination the Tees Flex bus covers on its route.

Tees Flex’s operates nine fully accessible minibusses combine to cover an area of around 300m2, linking up many of Tees Valley’s more rural communities.

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You are in charge:

You can choose your travel starting point when you want to travel – where to. If you book a return journey, you can save up to 50%.

For example, travel from Saltburn to Skelton and return will cost you only £1.50

How bookings are made:

Tees Flex bookings are made on a first come, first served basis, with the software cleverly grouping customer demands together in real time. As a shared service, the Tees Flex bus will make a little diversion on the way to pick up someone else, so some flexibility is needed. However, the price compared to the “usual” bus routes is much cheaper, and you can save quite a bit of money when being flexible. 

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Tees Flex Bus Route Redcar & Cleveland:

Zone 1:

Primary Destinations:

Boosbeck, Boulby Village, Brotton, Carlin How, Charltons, Cowbar, Dunsdale, Easington, East Cleveland Hospital, Guisborough, Kilton Thorpe, Lazenby Village, Lingdale, Liverton, Liverton Mines, Loftus, Margrove Park, Moorsholm, New Skelton, Newton Under Roseberry, North Pinchinthorpe, Skelton, Skelton, Skelton Green, Skinningrove, Stanghow, Wilton 

Secondary Destinations:

James Cook University Hospital*, Kirkleatham Museum, Marske Station, New Marske, Nunthorpe Academy, Nunthorpe schools, Nunthorpe Station, Overdene, Redcar & Cleveland College, Redcar Central Station/Clock(for Redcar Town Centre), Redcar Hospital, Saltburn Seafront, Saltburn Station

App tees flex

Your journey begins with the Tees Flex app!

  1. Download the Tees Flex app

  2. Create your account

  3. Register your credit or debit card, or pay via PayPal

All set-up? You’re ready to go!

  • Step 1 – Select your pick-up point from one of the ‘virtual bus stops’ – whichever is 

  • closest to you!

  • Step 2 – Choose your desired destination

  • Step 3 – Select the time that’s best for you!

  • Step 4 – Your Tees Flex bus will be with you in a flash.

As standard, the app will assume you’re looking to travel now and will look for current availability. If there are no existing options to travel, the app will advise.

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Arrive on time:

If you make a booking through the depart feature or time, this will link with all the other customer requests that have been created. This way, an approx time of bus running time will be around -/+ 30min.

However, around 15min before your departure, you will receive a text message that updates you on the expected pick-up time.

Suppose, for any reason; you need to be at a specific destination at a particular time. In that case, they suggest you use the “arrive by” feature, which takes your requested arrival window, examines traffic conditions, and provides you with options that’ll get you to your destination in the 30 minutes leading up to your required arrival time (so you’re never late).

You can also track your vehicle’s approach on the app to keep you updated!

Please note:

You can travel between any primary destinations within a single zone, but not between zones. You can also travel from a Primary Destination to a Secondary Destination as long as your journey is within the same area.

*A £2 surcharge for all trips to/from James Cook Hospital.

Changes to evening bookings: Please don’t forget to start your last Tees Flex booking before 19:30, the service ends at 20:00, and we don’t want to miss you!

      1. How much does a Tees Flex bus journey cost?



Adult Single

Adult Return

Under 19 Single

Concessions (T&Cs apply)


Under 2 miles






2-5 miles






5-10 miles






Over 10 miles





Under 19s:

  • Customers between the ages of 5 & 19 save 50% on all fares! Accompanied children under five will be carried free of charge.

  • Just head to your account details, find ‘Customer Type,’ and select ‘Under 19’ to ensure that your discount will be applied whenever you travel!
  • Please note: This offer is available to customers aged under 19 only. You must be able to provide a valid form of ID upon request.

Plus-one’ customers save 50%

From Monday 17 January, customers booking a journey with a ‘plus-one’ will find that the 

second ticket is discounted by 50% – automatically! The 50% discount applies to single and 

return journeys and includes Under 19s. Just book your trip for you and a 

friend, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Concessions (T&Cs)

  • Customers with a valid Concessionary Travel card can travel free after 09:30 am Monday-Friday (and any time on Saturdays).

  • To enable your discount, open the app and head to your account details, select ‘Customer Type’ and select ‘Concession’ so your discount will be applied whenever you travel! You’ll only have to do this once!

Your Concessionary Travel card must be presented and scanned when boarding the vehicle.

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