Halloween Trail 2021

Check out Saltburn very own Halloween trail

The members of the Saltburn Community Response, the Saltburn Foodbank and the rather funny residents of Saltburn created a fantastic Halloween Trail in Saltburn this year.

Go on a tour with Count Rossula and find out what was there but only if you dare!

So many ghosts, spirits, monsters, mumies, witches, skelletons,  trolls, gnomes, clowns, dinosaurs, elves and other outerworldly creatures have gathered here…

Can you spot your decorations??

Count Rossula has been very busy this Halloween on his way to Whitby to meet his old Cousin who lives near the Abbey on top of the cliff…however somehow he still managed to visit a few friends and a lot of fantastic and creepy places this time in Saltburn…oh my lord….have you seen them yet?

Did Count Rossula knock on your house too? Did you open?

Happy Halloween 2021
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Share along with your friends and family so they can get scared too!

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