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Promote your business / service or product to a wider audience

We are here to help you to promote your business/service or product to a wider audience. For this reason we created an Online Shop, a Business Directory as well as an Events Calendar. This will allow you as a local business to be easily found, seen and noticed. We have created different advertisement options to fit in with your needs and your pocket. Dependent on who you are and what you do you can choose from the following options:

We have two different advertisement plans ready for you to choose from. Each plan contains specific offers tailored to your business and your advertisement needs.


Put 3 of your items in our Online shop

Direct Sales Link to your Facebook or Website


24/7 visible promotion all year around

Plus optional upgrades


Put 5 of your items on our Online shop

Get listed in our Business Directory 

Appear on the Main Pages

Get a Call to Action button

FB Page Connection (Real-time updates)

Publish unlimited Events in our Community Events Calendar

Get promoted in our Online Blog or Youtube Channel

24/7 visible promotion all year around


Our basic plan is the best choice for sole traders or business owners who only wish to showcase their products in our online shop with a direct sales link to their Website/Facebook or shop.

With this plan, you can expand the sale of your items and reach a wider audience as well as gain new customers with our promotions. 


  • List up to 3 items in our online shop

  • Direct Sales Link to your FB or Website

  • Eligible to upgrade 3 extra item

  • Choose an additional advert video trailer option


  • Keep 100% of your sales


The premium plan is for all those sole traders, business owners and self-employed who seek an opportunity to raise their business profile. Our promotion offers also include Business Directory, Promotion on Main Website, unlimited use of the Events Calendar, and many more promotion bonuses. 


  • List up to 5 items in our online shop

  • Get listed in our Business directory

  • Featured space on our  main pages with direct  link to your website/ contact details  + Call-to-Action Button & FB Page real-time updates

  • Unlimited Access to our Community Events Calendar to publish all of your events
Extra Bonus
  • Benefit from our social media and our marketing network

  • Chance for your business to get featured on our Youtube-Channel
  • Opportunity to get featured in our Online Blog

  • Your promotion advert is visible 24/7 all year round 


More and more businesses discover the power of a short video advert. This way it allows them to showcase their business and introduce their customers/clients to a more personal side of their work. Furthermore, a short/video can highlight your brand/profile/business and allows people to get to know you.

Once the video has been created you can be easily share it on any social media channels over and over again. This way you have a great long-term promotion at hand.

However, the quality of the video often will decide its success and for this reason, we want to offer you our “Video-Advert- Service”.

Get your business videos done:

  • We will come to your place
  • You decide what you want to say or show
  • We will record, edit and make your video ready for you to share
  • All of this for only £150.

Video trailer


Each of our plans offers the possibility to showcase between 3 – 5 items/services/products, dependent on what plan you have chosen. 

We know that sometimes those items/services/products might change through the year and you might have new items available that you want to show. We want to support you with this the best we can and therefore we allow people to change their products or upgrade to add additional products beyond their chosen plan. Our friendly team is happy to help you with this and will do the work for you, for an extra small fee.

Change a product/service/item in Shop

Yes, you can change your items in the Online Shop.

a) Find out more on how to do that here…


b) Just get in touch with one of our team members via 

List additional Items/Services/Products in Shop:

You can add up to 3 extra products/services/items to the shop no matter what advertisement plan you have chosen. Our team will do the work for you and it’s stress-free.

Add up to 3 additional products/services/items -> here…

Once we receive your request of changing or upgrading your listings in our shop a member of our team will get in touch with you.

To make any changes happen, please provide:

  • Good picture of item/service/product ( minimum 500 x 500 pixels and max 1000 x 1000 pixels)
  • Short description
  • Link to your FB or Website where people can purchase the item
  • Price of the item/product/service

This process normally takes up to 5 business days.

What if you have problems in providing a good picture of your item/service/product?

If you have problems taking a good picture of your item/product we can help you with this. Please contact us with your inquiry

Why Advertize with us

Succesful advertisment is based on different factors and in recent times with the increase in technology has become a true art. Not everyobody has the time, knowledge or ideas on how to run succesful advertisement. We hear you and we are here to help you!

Everybody has the chance to be seen

The community of Saltburn and its residents and visitors is close to our heart. We want to encourage to buy local and support local and offer a chance for everyone who runs a business in the area to be seen. For this reason we decided to keep our services completely affordable and give you massive value in return. Your business will be shown 24/7 for the whole year. So people can find you any time of the day.

Why social media doesn’t do the trick anymore

When Facebook, Instagram and all the other social media plattforms started it was a great way to connect with people. For many of us it also was a great way to show who we are as a business and what we do. However this has changed over the recent years. Facebook has changed its algorithms which  means that only a few people will get to see your posts, if so.

The posts on Social Media change so fast and there are so many of them that people tend to use it mainly to browse through. It is really tricky to have a constant promotion so people can find you. Additionally there is the recent issue of Facebook accounts being that shut down for no reason and you will lose all that you have created.

Our website is different:

  • we have clear target market
  • we offer static adverts offers who will be there every day, so people will find you when they need you
  • people will discover you while browsing for something else
  • our promotional network is supported by the council and their networks too, this will increase your promotion impact
  • many ways to get extra promotion such as our Youtube Channel, Vimeo Channel, Social Media and Online Blog
  • people will tell their friends about you and they will have no problem in finding you 
  • we are part of a strong local community which will help everyone to grow

Variety is the key

When we created this website with the idea in mind that we wanted a variety of different aspects come together. Which means for your bsuines that people will discover you while they are looking for something totally different. Many  people will have different reasons to use our website and easily will discover the fast variety our little town has to offer. 

Less competition – more you!

Our website gives space to many different businesses which means that you are not one in a million but maybe 1 of 3 others. This allows people to choose you more easily and not get overwhelmed by too many choices.

No hidden costs!

Yes that’s right! We wanted to be clear and transparent. We only charge you what you use and nothing more than that! 

Direct Links – Contact details

We offer direct links to your website, real contact information and contact forms ( business directory) this way we encourage customers to get in touch with you directly! This means that people can get in touch with you in no time.

You change – your advert will change

Social Media is great to announce any immediate things that you want to show to your followers. It offers real time updates and we offer this for your promotion too. Your Facebook Page will be included in your advert ( unless you dont want this) and it will show any changes, announcements and offers that you put there – all of this in real time!

Frequently asked Questions

Please see our frequently questions and answers below

Yes, it is possible to upgrade to another plan. Please contact us directly via

Yes, using the PayPal/sumo payment option allows you to pay in three instalments.

Each plan runs for 12 months.

We wanted to make it as easy as possible with no stress for you. Your plan will auto-renew after 12 months if you don’t cancel within 30 days of contract expiry.

We believe that we offer an amazing value for a very low-cost price. For this reason, we don’t give refunds once you signed up for a plan.

Yes, certainly you can. We even got our great cameraman who will assist you with recording, editing and uploading your video. This way we can make sure that your video meets our quality standards. This comes at a small extra fee per video of only £50. This also allows you to use your video on any of your social media platforms for sharing as the copyrights are with you. 

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