The most important thing is to remain active and to love what you are doing.

 Leslie Caron


Be Active by the Sea

Ocean air has a lot of health benefits. The most common is that the negative ions in sea air accelerate your ability to absorb oxygen and balance your serotonin levels, a body chemical linked with mood and stress. This is exactly why so many people feel so relaxed, and energized after a few hours on the beach.

Historic Audio Tours

Take a trip around Saltburn by the Sea and enjoy these wonderful audio tours. From the history of the town, its changes through time, and interesting notable people. 

Two tours to choose from.

Guided audio: best to use when walking around town. 

Video audio: which is great to sit at home, your holiday let, or Air BnB and take in the fantastic old and new pictures and postcards.

60 minutes, 15 destinations and a whole lot of fun.

So what are you waiting for? Time to explore!

Video- Audio Tour Saltburn

Go Fishing!

Most people know fishing more as a hobby, a way to unwind, some even just use it to bring food to the table. However, fishing is actually really good for your health. Not only for your physical wellbeing but also your mental state, the health benefits of fishing are so great and varied that it’s tough to truly appreciate.

Pier and Beach Catch Reports

If you fancy yourself as a canny fisherman then join this private Facebook group of people that frequent the pier and share what they’ve found in the sea.

They also plan meet-ups and have a bit of fun so if this sounds like something you would like, have a look for yourself.

Go Scuba Diving

Did you know that with scuba diving it: Increases emotional well being. Improves blood circulation. Helps to relieve stress. Improves concentration capacity. Reduces blood pressure. Increases strength and flexibility of your muscles. You would also have the healing effects of salty water and sun on skin and bones.

The Diving Club - Cleveland

Take to the depths and explore a secret world inhabited by strange looking creature's. Sounds like a mission into space but not that far away i assure you. Cleveland Diving Club have been going into the Sea's for many years and watching out for Sea life such as crab, star fish, urchin, and the larger inhabitants of the North Sea such as seals, whales, and even sharks. Give them a call if you wuld like to take part or message them on their Facebook page.

Hit the Waves and go Surfing




Here in Saltburn we have a great history of Surfing. Be it friends getting together, people coming on their own, or the awesome surf competitions that have been help here over the years. Everyone with a board loves to try the waves here at Saltburn. According to the Magic Seaweed website:

” Saltburn Beach was one of the first outposts of surfing on England’s east coast and has developed into one of the UK’s real wave-riding hubs. The beach is a fairly average proposition, with the occasional quality sandbar forming close to the pier. To the south sits a sand and cobblestone break called Penny’s Hole with some lovely lefts and rights. At the far southern end, beneath the towering cliff, is Saltburn Point, a high quality slabstone reef that wakes occasionally in the lined up swells, throwing out fast, reeling righthanders.”

And the best thing is the conditions are perfect for all skillsets.

So what are you waiting for??

Surfs up!!

No equipment? You can rent it along the bottom promenade!



Magic Seaweed

Magic Seaweed

The world's largest free surf forecasting site offering a 16 day forecast. Plus the web's biggest surfing photography archive, and videos, contributions, contests, news, live events and swell sessions.
Saltburn Surfers

Saltburn Surfers

For anyone who surfs frequently or infrequently at Saltburn by the Sea, to talk about incoming swells, share about good/bad sessions, ask board advice, plan / advertise surf trips, etc.

For all your fishing and shooting needs

Keiths Sports

Keiths Sports was established in 1976 by Keith Muir. He later married Heather and the work partnership was born. The family business specialises in hunting, shooting, fishing and outdoor gear.

Cleveland Army Cadet Force-Saltburn Attachment

We welcome 13-18 year olds as cadets & 18-55 year olds as volunteers to enjoy a wide range of military themed adventurous activities such as fieldcraft, adventure training, first aid, music, sports, and shooting to name a few.

You can find out more information below. 

Go on a Treasure Trail in Saltburn

Treasure Trail Saltburn

Are you looking for something to do with family and friends or seeking a fun day out with the kids in Saltburn?

Then why not explore Saltburn on this self-guided Spy Mission themed Treasure Trail. As you follow the Trail route, can you solve the sneaky clues set on existing buildings, permanent features and monuments to crack the code and complete the mission just like a true secret agent?

This Trail starts down by the sea at the Woodlands Centre and Miniature Railway car park. The route leads you through the scenic Valley Gardens and up into town taking in some fantastic sea views before finishing down at the pier.

Look out for some wonderful pieces of street art here!

Dyb Dyb Dyb!

As Scouts, they believe in preparing young people with skills for life. They encourage their young people to do more, learn more and be more.

East Cleveland District comprises seven Scout Groups in Brotton, Guisborough, Loftus, Marske, Saltburn, and Skelton. There is also a District Explorer Scout Unit for those aged 14-18.

For more information visit the below links.


Go for a Dip in the sea

The North Sea might not the warmest parts of the ocean, however a swim in the sea can have some true health benefits. The cold water will boost your immune system, this has been studied widely. Furthermore, a short dip in the sea can give you a natural high and improve your circulation. It also reduces stress and offers a great opportunity to socialize and make new friends.

Make sure you know your limits and also have a friend with you or go swimming at times when the lifeguards are around. The North Sea has some strong currents and you don’t want to get swept away by them.


Sea Swimmers

Sea Swimmers of Saltburn

Amateur Sea Swimming group based in Saltburn-by-the-Sea. We meet every Wednesday and Sunday around sunrise in front of the Saltburn pier amusements entrance. Everyone welcome to come along for a swim or a dip.

You can join their Facebook group below.

Dolphin Watching

Did you know that there are 36 dolphin species, found in every ocean? Most of them live in the ocean. However, there are one dolphin species that actually live in the Amazon river it is called the boto dolphin.

The largest in the dolphin family is the orca(Killer Whale), that can grow to over 30 feet long. And the smallest, the Maui dolphin, that is just five feet long.

Dolphins feed mostly on fish and squid, which they track using echolocation. Dolphins use this built-in sonar to locate the squid and also receive information about its size and shape.


The dolphin is a symbol of protection for its presence in stories about saving the drowning sailors or other humans in distress. Keep your eyes peeled when by the Sea as they are seen quite often when coming close to shore to feed.

dolphin saltburn

Take a walk around the Farmers Market and explore the culinary delights it has to offer.

Farmers Market

Saltburn Farmers' Market launched in an Easter blizzard in 2008, and now regularly attracts over 9,500 people and around 35 stalls to the elegant seaside town for the regular foodie markets. And were runners up as National Farmers' Market of the Year in 2014! The market runs from 9am-2pm. Best to be early to catch the best bargains. For dates and more on the market visit their social media or take a look on their website.

Saltburn District U3A

SALTBURN DISTRICT u3a is a national charitable organisation that meets to promote education of all types in ways that are fun and accessible to all, for people who are no longer in full-time employment. We have a variety of groups that meet within the area and all Group Leaders are members of the organisation. Groups range from Art to Walking, with lots of variety in between.

Discover the Valley Gardens

The “Saltburn Valleys” are defined as the areas of public open space and woodlands situated in and around Saltburn-by-the-Sea, North Yorkshire. 

Help them by becoming a member of Saltburn Valleys CIO. It’s completely free and we will keep you up to date with the latest news.

They need your help to run events, fundraise and to tell others about our local beautiful natural environment. 


Saltburn Countryside Volunteers

A volunteer run community group, carrying out conservation work within Saltburn woods and valley gardens.

They work from the meadow to the beach in all aspects of tidying, fixing, planting and much more! If this sounds like something that interests you then go to their Facebook or Website.

Get your hands dirty and try some gardening

Gardening is just amazing and furthermore, it is one of the most rewarding, entertaining, and healthy hobbies you can do. It brings so many positives along with it that it is difficult to list them all on here. Some people feel that gardening is a way of life, their way to escape from the rest of the world in their own little space. 

Either way, working in a garden uses every major muscle group in the body. For that reason, you should try some gardening or join one of the volunteering groups Saltburn has to offer.

Allotment Association

Saltburn Allotment Association was set up in 1971 to manage the two allotment sites in the town, Hazel Grove and Zetland Terrace.

 The Parish Council now administer the allotment waiting list. Rent payable via the allotment association at the container, which is open 10am-11.30am (most if not all) Sundays.


Allotment picture

Walk the Cleveland Way

Did you know that in the 1800s, one of the most popular sports in the world was distance walking with attracted huge crowds and gambling. Thousands of spectators would turn up to watch the challenges such as 1’ooo miles in 1’000 hours.

Here in North Yorkshire, we love walking too, why not challenge yourself with the Cleveland Way?

110 miles of oustanding natural beauty

The Cleveland Way is a National Trail in ancient Cleveland in northern England. It runs 110 miles between Helmsley and the Brigg at Filey, skirting the North York Moors National Park.

The trail can be walked in either direction linking the trailheads of Helmsley and Filey in a horseshoe configuration. The trail is waymarked along its length using the standard National Trail acorn symbol.

The trail falls into two roughly equal sections. The inland section leads west from Helmsley, then north, then east around the west of the North York Moors National Park. It then leaves the National Park near Guisborough to meet the coast at Saltburn. It re-enters the National Park just north of Staithes; the coastal section follows the coast from Saltburn to Whitby, then leaves the National Park for the final time at Cloughton Wyke to reach Scarborough and Filey.

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Football for the kids

Playing football provides numerous advantages, such as improving your strength, endurance, flexibility, and team spirit. Football is a simple and universal sport that is played all over the world.  

Football movements and skills are physical activities that help you become more toned and coordinated. Additionally, football is a team sport and it can help to overcome anxiety, isolation as well as depression.

Saltburn Athletics U8's Juniors

At Saltburn Athletic U8’s Juniors, we aim to give the opportunity for all children of all abilities to participate in and enjoy their football, developing new friendships and develop themselves as individuals in a safe pressure-free environment.

For more information take a look at their Facebook page.

Saltburn Athletic Junior Football Club

Saltburn Athletic is a junior football club whose aim is to give the opportunity for children of all abilities to participate in and enjoy football, develop new friendships and develop as individuals in a safe pressure free environment.

Run entirely by volunteers we play and train at Hobs Hill Field and Huntcliff School.

For more information take a look at their Facebook group.

Kixx Saltburn

The Kixx programme offers a high energy, super fun, age-appropriate introduction to physical activity through football. For children ages 2-8 years. The younger you start them being active the better. This is a great way to stay active, have fun, and learn to play better with others. You can contact them or find out more information on what they offer via their Facebook page.

Explore the Unknown with RbR Paranormal Investigations

RbR Paranormal Investigtions

A great, professionally run investigations team based in Saltburn by the Sea. They run public and private investigations as well as energetic cleansing of homes, properties, vehicles. They also share lots of real life paranormal stories, as well as up to date information from the paranormal community.

Saltburns Youth needs you!

Did you know that Skateboarding actually started as  “Sidewalk Surfing”? And that the initials Users remained Shoeless? 

A lot of things have changed since then. Skateboarding is one of five new sports added to the Olympic program for 2020 and has also been provisionally approved for the 2024 Summer Olympic games.

Here in Saltburn, we have a good few people who enjoy skateboarding. The oldies and the youngsters alike. It is a timeless sport that offers many benefits. For this reason, we support the idea of  Skatepark in Saltburn and hope you do so too. 

The future Skatepark for Saltburn

We are Saltburn Skatepark & Sport CIC.
Join us on our journey to create a new community owned skatepark in Saltburn by the Sea.
We will be posting regular updates and photos to this page so you can support us, get involved and spread the word.
Please share the page, tell your friends and get in touch if you think you can help with fundraising, business sponsorship or anything else!
See their Facebook group to keep up to date on their progress and how you can help.

A fun way to win some prizes!

Did you know that  King Henry VIII was One of the most unsuccessful Gamblers in History?

Yes, that is true. He might have married six times however Legend says that he suffered a two-year losing streak that cost him over $4,000 (the equivalent of millions today). The King also lost the bells of St. Paul Church on a single roll of the dice!

Here in Saltburn, everybody wins somehow. Some on experience and others a keyring, sweets or a small gift at the amusements. But gambling can be addictive so when the fun stops, stop!

Take yourself for a nice coffee and free doughnut along the bottom prom.

That way you will always win in Saltburn!

Pier Amusements

Take yourselves into the wonderful pier amusements and try to win the many prizes up for grabs. With many fun and exciting games for children and adults alike there is something for everyone.

Binoculars at the ready!

Credit and thanks go to Elizabeth J Wass.

Take up Bird watching

From Cormorants and Fulmars, to Herring Gulls and Kittiwakes. Saltburn has a huge variety of birds that live and visit here throughout the year. The loud calls from the Kittiwake colony are synonymous with the summer months.

So whether you’re an ornithologist or a twitcher, get yourself outside and see what you can spot. Some good locations for birds are along the upper promenade, Saltburn Gill Nature Reserve and the valley gardens.

The beach and Huntcliff Nature Reserve is also a great area to for bird watching. Wherever you go, leave it how you found it. Keep nature at it’s best.

Theatrical Fun!

The performing arts are intrinsically valuable for the beauty and fulfillment they bring, researchers have observed. Furthermore, theater training and education are incredibly valuable to the people who play in it. In Saltburn we have we love a bit of drama, musicals, and pantomime. There are plenty of opportunities to see the shows at our local broadways.

Earthbeat Centre

Support Earthbeat Centre:

A community arts venue. Base for Earthbeat Theatre Company and its learning disabled performers & home to local businesses.

Earthbeat is a theatre company consisting of 84 adults, each of whom has a learning disability. We provide a service that offers a range of activities designed to develop confidence, raise self-esteem and to give a sense of purpose.

Take a look at their Facebook and website for more information.

Keep Saltburn tidy - be an eco warrior!

With around 2.5 Million tourists visiting Saltburn each year, the amount of litter has increased drastically. Especially along the beach, we come across more and more leftover rubbish that is left behind. We all love Saltburn and want to enjoy it as much as we can. For this reason, we ask everyone to do their bit and take their rubbish home with them. Furthermore, you can also have a walk around with a bag and litter picker and be an eco-warrior. This way you will get good exercise and do something great at the same time.

Not only are you burning calories, you’re keeping the place looking beautiful.  As well as that you are stopping all this awful rubbish coming into their habitats and potentially harming them or worse.

There are pickers and bags on the lower promenade for anyone who fancies a beach clean. 

"We are being the change we want to see in this world, the " someone" who does "something about it" for our beach, wildlife and environment." - K.I.C.A.S

Keeping it clean at Saltburn/ kicasaltburn are a group of Saltburn people who got together with the common aim to keep the beach clean and litter-free, for us, for the wildlife, and for the environment.
They regularly, as a group, or individuals, undertake 2-minute beach cleans, (check out 2minutebeachclean online).
They also join larger organized nationwide litter picks with Surfers against sewage and litter surveys with the Marine society conservation.
For more information visit their Facebook page.

Go fossil hunting along the beach

"Through the study of fossils i had already been initiated into the mysteries of prehistoric creations" - Pierre Loti.

Go along the North Yorkshire coast and find long dead life from millions of years ago. In the Jurassic period there were many forms of life sprouting up around the land and sea. When they died some of their body parts either fell or ended up in a watery environment.

Here, soft tissues quickly decompose leaving the hard bones or shells behind. Over time sediment builds over the top and hardens into rock. Which is how fossils are formed. 

As well as Saltburn you might find fossils along the coast at Staithes, Runswick, Robin Hood’s Bay, and Boggle Hole. So head to the beach for a family day out and see what you can find!

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